Why does your Church need a website

96% percent of pastors use computers to attend church and many sermons are recorded using technology, but very few churches have a website. This is problematic as many potential churchgoers and members search the Internet and the website https://churchhelper.com/ for their worship place every day.

Here are some reasons why you should work on church websites.

1. Your congregation can keep their website active and connected.

Research indicates that more than 60% believe that a church’s web site is vital to their participation in church (CRCNA.org).

It is important to include useful information on your church’s website. For example, community bulletins. Volunteer sign-up forms. Blog posts. Podcasts. Recorded sermons. Social media links.

2. A website can be used to centrally share information such as event calendars, bulletins or service programs.

You do not have to print calendars, program info, and bulletins. These can be printed and mailed out each month. Or every few weeks. You can just upload and share them online.

Not only will you save money, but also reduce the paper trail. Your website can be updated easily with program and calendar information at any moment. People can sign up online for events and other programs at their convenience, which makes organizing and tracking easier.

3. A website is a way to introduce your leadership programs and services to the general public.

You can create a page for your church that contains bios about your pastors, copastors, youth ministers, staff, etc. The public should be able to see their backgrounds and areas for interest before entering your church. They’ll also be able access specific information regarding the services and programmes you offer.

Prospective congregation members will feel more at ease if this information is available online. This will allow them to get a sense of the kind of ministry that they will encounter and who they will be working with.

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