Japanese Chefs Knives

Japanese chef knives https://japaneseknifeset.net/ can only be made with the highest quality steel materials. These knives have gained popularity among professional chefs who are looking to improve the quality and consistency of their food. These chefs know that Japanese knives are a better choice than expensive European knives and they want to improve their cooking.

Food Network has been showcasing professional chefs who produce high-quality dishes. Both businessmen and housewives want to be able to replicate the professional chef’s success.

Professional hand-made knives cost upwards of 100 dollars per piece for a set of five or six knives. It amounts to approximately 500 to 600 US dollars. This is the highest quality Japanese hand-crafted knife for chefs used in restaurants and hotels all over the globe. The price tag includes fine quality and durability.

These Japanese chef knives, which are of high quality and are a necessity in any kitchen, are:

Paring blade are great for kitchen work such as deveining shrimps, cutting small garnish and other tasks like deseeding jalapenos. It is easy to carry and lightweight. It measures 180mm in length and 1.5mm thick. It weighs 55 grams.
Pocket knife: This knife is great for cutting tender and lighter vegetables like onions and string beans. It measures between 225 – 260 mm in length and 1.5 mm in thickness. Its average weight is 70 – 80 gm.
Boning blade: This tool is used to primarily boning meat, poultry, and fish. It is pointed with an extremely narrow blade. It measures 275mm in height, is 3mm thick and is 190 grams in weight. This knife is very simple to use, especially if you require extreme delicacy when maneuvering.
Santoku chef This knife is all-purpose and can be used in cutting large vegetables such as pumpkins, potatoes, and cabbage. This knife can be used to cut, chop, dice, and mince within minutes.

A carbon-steel chef knife was originally made in Japan. The most expensive knives feature the same quality. An inner core of hard carbon steel with brittle and hard carbon is sandwiched between a thick layer of soft steel.