Moldavite: Tips for Meditation

It’s important to ground and center yourself when using moldavite for crystal meditation. You can practice a different technique for a while if you’re not used to centering and grounding before you add moldavite. This will help you to feel grounded and not too much with powerful Inner Vision Crystals.

Moldavite is often used to help people meditate because the third eye chakra has been called the psychic chakra. Some people may find this too intense. This can be achieved by holding the crystal in one’s hand or placing it on your heart chakra.

It might be a good idea for you to keep a journal of crystal impressions and take notes. This is a good idea for any stone, but it’s especially useful if you want to make otherworldly contact. You may get insight that doesn’t make sense, but you will eventually understand them over several sessions of moldavite meditation.

Moldavite Flush

Moldavite flush refers to the feeling some people get when working with this particular crystal. You may feel a warmth sensation while carrying the crystal around.

Good luck in moldavite hunting!

It is the only known gemstone with an “extraterrestrial origin” (not from this Earth). It is also associated with the Star card in the Tarot. It is also a direct link with the Heart Chakra. Moldavite encourages one to engage with the heart, and helps to bring back that radiant pink glow that is associated unconditional love. This stone is a great way to connect with the beautiful pink (or green!) resonance of your heart. Wow! Wow! It’s no wonder that it can sometimes be intimidating to those who are not aware of its power. It is full of releasing and relinquishing energies that you need to be prepared for. However, inviting one of these lovely pieces into your life is already a mirroring that at some level. It is a celestial stone of transformation. However, not all stones can be used for everyone.

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