Eight Tips for Buying Shih Tzu Puppies that are Quality – Every Time

It’s not easy to choose a Shih Tzu puppy. Only dog lovers who have been there can see how difficult it is for you to point your finger at the cuteness and say that one. Many buyers use the adorable measure, despite the fact that it can cost thousands of dollars. However, if you just want a loving companion and that the breeder has good reputation, then you’re fine. If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a verified breeder you can look it up on Dog Traing tips

It is important that you keep your focus when choosing a pet. Dog owners who are familiar with their dogs will have a different approach to the situation. If you want to avoid behavioral problems, excessive veterinarian bills, or other issues, you can take their advice.

These eight tips will help you choose the best puppy.

1. Do not pick your puppy too quickly. This is the most important aspect. You may feel pressured by the breeder to choose the litter as soon the litter is born. But try to resist. A Shih Tzu pup under two months of age is too young to notice the markings or find defects. As the Shih Tzu pups are likely to have large dark eyes, it is best to view them with their eyes open. Your ability to see the face better and check its shape and length will allow you to assess other important characteristics such as nose size and nose shape. You can also check for new teeth as you get older. Check that you have six teeth at the top, and one at the bottom.

2. Take photos of the best of breed. It is difficult to remember the important points that make a Shih Tzu a well-formed Shih Tzu. You can either take a picture of the Shih Tzu prizewinner from every angle and memorize them or simply take the pictures.

3. A friendly, lively dog is desirable. Naturally, you want a Shih Tzu with a lot of energy and friendliness. The puppy that runs around the house or grabs your hand is not a good guide.

4. A bony body is not the same as a small, delicate one. Shih Tzu are naturally small, but this doesn’t mean they are emaciated. His stomach should not bulge. His coat should be soft, naturally glossy, and should not have any visible bumps.

5. Examine the nose, eyes and ears of the puppy for signs of irritation. The eyes must be clean, bright and free of any trace movement.

6. The pup’s breath should be smelled. You could detect a serious problem with your dog’s digestion or other health concerns by smelling their breath.

7. Be attentive to your puppy’s behavior. Be sure to check for any serious shaking, head shaking, or shivering. Two months old, a Shih Tzu pup must be happy and lively with an expressive expressionist face.

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