Commercial Coffee Machines

This article will give you general information about commercial coffee machine types that are currently in use in the Coffee Industry. I apologise to you if I “Teach you how suck eggs.” I have been involved in the Coffee World for several years as a consultant, helping clients select the right equipment. Believe me when i say that there have been many who have asked the question: “Rotaryana Kitchen Coffe & Laundry Equipment” You know the truth, facts are facts. This is how I interpret them for my clients.

Over the past 10-15 years, the UK has seen many changes in its interest in coffee. The demand for coffees made from real espresso has increased significantly. Instant coffee in a can, or better yet “Pour and Enjoy” filter coffee machines has been the primary way to supply coffee for the past thirty-years. Experiments with selling espresso machines that use “real bean”, espresso-based coffees have taught me a lot. These types of businesses don’t want anything less that a traditional Espresso machine, or Bean to Cup. The British public didn’t really like “instant” espresso and only used instant coffee. Businesses were not able to see the need for “foreign” business.

All that has changed is a good thing. With the growth of Coffee Bars on High Streets, many large brands have emerged. The UK has seen a rise in Cafe Culture due to the presence of popular “American” food outlets. Coffee has been perceived as more sophisticated by the public. The UK is now officially a nation devoted to coffee drinking. Many independent businesses have adapted to better coffee production methods in an effort to respond to the demand. It’s possible to make high-quality espresso based coffees with a variety of machines, including the classic Italian Espresso machine and the more complex Bean to Cup auto coffee machines.

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